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Monster Mash Challenge - Haunted Hearts 1 by Tiranog

Medium: Story
Title: Haunted Hearts
Author: Tira Nog
Author's email address:
Author's web page:
Slash or Gen: Slash
Archive at:
Starsky & Hutch Archive
Me and Thee Archive:

Hutch shifted in his chair, ducking quickly as the accordianed, white paper mache legs of a cardboard skeleton sailed straight at his face as Huggy rushed by in his decorating frenzy.

"Hey, watch it, will ya?" Hutch groused, regaining the vertical.

"Sorry, man," Huggy apologized, climbing the chair beside Hutch to tape the skeleton to the ceiling overhead. Huggy was all in black today and looking very somber.

Hutch supposed he should be grateful that their flamboyant friend wasn't dressed as a vampire or zombie. But, knowing Huggy, he figured the costume would probably come on later tonight. It wasn't exactly easy to hang decorations in a cape or Frankenstein mask.

Hutch quickly extinguished the votive candle burning on the table as a cardboard bony foot dangled dangerously close to the flame.

"You're gonna burn the place down at this rate," he warned.

A distracted "Uh huh," came from above as Huggy struggled with the tape.

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Second part of story

Apologies!!! Late again!

Boy, this is embarrassing! Both Ro and I are late on our Monster Mash entries. But don't give up on us. We'll have something posted, I hope, in the next day or so. I'm frantically working on my submission and I know Ro's is just getting longer by the day. We've just had some real life hassles get in the way of our fan writing. (Where's that fannish grant when you need it?) Can't wait to find a few minutes to read the wonderful submissions you guys have sent in. Thanks! And keep watching this space!

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Halloween Challenge: Theseus Redux by Ea
: Story
Title: Theseus Redux
Author: Ea
Author's email address:
Author's web page:
Slash or Gen: I think it’s gen with slash undertones.
Rating: G
Archived at: My website, Me and Thee Archive

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Oxford - Radcliffe Camera

Vid: Grim Grinning Ghosts

Okay. This is - obviously - not the Monstermash song, but I couldn't resist doing this and I hope it fits in here as well. If not, feel free to delete the entry...

Medium: Vid
Title: Grim Grinning Ghosts
Artist: The Barenaked Ladies
Author: enednoviel
Author's email address:
Author's web page:
Slash or Gen: Gen
Archive: All my vids can be found here:
Many thanks to Laura!

Download here:
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VID: Monster Mash by Laura McEwan

Halloween a day late, but really, nine days early. :)

Done for "The Monster Mash" challenge as presented by Flamingo, posting early with her blessing.

For TiraNog, of course. :)

Medium: Vid
Title: The Monster Mash by Bobby "Boris" Pickett
Author: Laura McEwan
Author's e-mail address:
Slash or Gen: Crack?
Archive at: If the archives provide links to vids, that's fine by me! Also at my own site: Cry Freedom and YouTube.